The Faculty of Law Pasundan University welcomes the 10th GAJE Worldwide Conference to Bandung Indonesia

GAJE’s 10th worldwide conference will take place from the 4th through the 10th of December 2019 in Bandung (Indonesia), hosted by the Pasundan University.  The Faculty of Law was established in 1960.  Since then, it has prepared lawyers who are ready to develop the law and contribute to the legal profession. The Faculty of Law Universitas Pasundan believes it has a moral obligation to develop the nation through active, creative and ethical legal education.  Since 2007, Pasundan University Law School has had a Justice Education program, using Clinical Legal Education that focuses on Street Law activities. Street Law is a popular legal education method that teaches communities about the law using participatory learning methods. The Street Law Clinical Education Program at Pasundan is now both accredited and mandatory at the Faculty of Law and is complemented by a clinical program that offers legal advice.

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Conference and TOT Address in Bandung, Indonesia

Both the GAJE General Conference and the Training-of-Trainers will be held in the
Pasundan University’s Post Graduate Building,
Jalan Sumatera 41,
Bandung, Indonesia.

Please here on this link to view the exact location on google maps.

Travel visa for Indonesia

Most countries qualify for Visa On Arrival (VOA). It is the responsibility of each delegate to identify what travel documents they will need to enter Indonesia. Please check at the Indonesia Immigration website to confirm and for any updates. click here

Participants from the following countries do not qualify for VOA and must apply for a visa at an Indonesian  Embassy or Consulate – Afghanistan, Cameroon, Guinea, Iraq, Israel, Liberia, Niger, Nigeria, North Korea, Pakistan, Somalia.

If you require a letter from the conference to apply for a visa please email us at [email protected].


Suggested conference hotels and guesthouse that will provide a “GAJE Conference Room Rate” is currently being negotiated, and details on recommended hotels and guesthouses will be added to this page in the near future.

However, there are numerous hotels, guesthouses nearby the conference, with a variety of price options.  Several GAJE delegates who regularly travel in Southeast Asia, recommend using  or 

The following is the location of the conference venue on google maps.


Travel options to and from Bandung
  1. There are two countries that fly to Bandung (Malaysia, Singapore), however, there are regular flights that arrive into Jakarta Airport.
  2. Pasundan University will provide specifically scheduled bus shuttles to and from Jakarta Airport to Bandung city. This means that if you choose to take the bus shuttle you may need to wait at the airport until the next schedule bus time. Schedule and booking details will be available online soon.
  3. From Jakarta To Bandung takes about 3-5 hours by bus or van (depending on traffic). The bus/vans prices are between USD $10 – $15 one way per person. The bus/van will take you to a central station in Bandung, where you can take a GRAB taxi, GO-JEK taxi or local taxi for no more than USD $3 – $5 to your hotel/guesthouse. We suggest you download the GRAB taxi and/or GO-JEK taxi onto your smart phone prior to arriving in Indonesia.Please note that taking a commercial shuttle bus is much easier than ever, with many to choose from. At terminal 2 and 3 Jakarta Airport, there are many travel vans to Bandung, here are some links to help you.

    Cititrans shuttle from Jakarta airport to Bandung

    Suntransfers from Jakarta airport to Bandung

  4. There is an airport train that connects to the Jakarta train station and then connects to another train to Bandung. The train ride from Jakarta to Bandung is about 4 hours.
  5. There are also flight options from Jakarta to Bandung


Local transport in Bandung

For individual travel (not organized by the conference) people can walk on footpaths or the edge of the road or they can use one of the many taxi apps – eg. grab cab or go-Jek. All safe and take you from where ever you are to where ever you want to go. All cars are under 3 years old and have air and seat belts. We suggest you download the GRAB taxi and/or GO-JEK taxi onto your smart phone prior to arriving in Indonesia. 

The following are approximate prices only and provided to help delegates with budgeting. Please note that it is the delegates’ responsibility to check prices prior to use.

No Kinds of transportation Destination Approximate Prices
1. Taxi Airport Bandung – Hotel in Bandung 100,000 -150,000(US$8-$12)
2. Taxi Hotel – Venue, (walking distance)  
3 Grab car Anywhere Based on distance
4. Go-Jek ( Car) based on application Anywhere US$3 / 5km
Restaurants and cafes near the conference area

There are many restaurants and cafes close to the conference area that offer both local and international cuisine. Prices range from USD $3-$10 per portion.  Some of the cafes remain open until midnight. 

About Pasundan University (UNPAS)

University of Pasundan Bandung (UNPAS) was established since November 14, 1960. UNPAS has grown and developed into a prominent University and become the pride of the community, as evidenced by the number of students who are currently the largest in West Java Region.

UNPAS students are not only from 34 provinces in Indonesia but also from foreign students from friendly countries such as Thailand, Singapore, Somalia, Hunggaria, Poland, Taiwan, Turkey, South Korea, Malaysia, Canada, Timor Leste, Uzbekistan, Germany , Japan, China, Tajikstan, Estonia, Greece, Spain, Lithuania, Australia and Kyrgyzstan. Until now, Pasundan University has 7 Faculties, 25 Undergraduate Programs, 7 Postgraduate Programs (S2) and 3 Doctoral Program (S3). Pasundan University included in the 3 most favorite universities in the city of Bandung.

In 2007, SWA magazine conducted a survey and conducted a survey and stated that the University of Pasundan included in the 4 Best Colleges Accreditation as Java and 25 of the most favorite universities in Java.

Not only the large number, UNPAS students participate in various activities and was able to produce achievements that can boast Indonesia both at home and abroad on scientific activities, sports, arts, technology and other community activities. In the field of sports, UNPAS students have carved out the achievements in world championships (such as The World Alpinis Championship in the United States, The International Taekwondo Bronze Medal in 25th Sea Games Laos Vientiane 2009) and Indonesian Best Gokart nominees 2009 winner.

To strengthen and broaden its vision and mission, UNPAS  has implemented a number of activities since its inception:

  1. Pasundan University has the most professors compared to other private universities in West Java (data per April 2012, 35 professors).
  2. Pasundan University has the most lecturers who with Doctoral degree (137) and 228 Masters.
  3. Has 8 lecturers from abroad, one from South Korea (2006), and seven from Hebei Normal University of P.R. China (2009).
  4. Pasundan University has the highest “A” accreditation study program compared with other private universities in West Java and Banten.
  5. Being one of the universities trusted by other countries to send students to study at Pasundan University from Thailand, Singapore, Somalia, Hungary, Poland, Taiwan, Turkey, South Korea, Malaysia, Canada, Timor Leste, Uzbekistan, Germany, Japan, China , Tajikistan, Estonia, Greece, Spain, Lithuania, Australia and Kyrgyzstan.
  6. Included in the Directory of 50 Promising Universities of Indonesia from 2.838 State Universities and Private Universities in Indonesia (50 Promising Indonesian University).
  7. The only college in the KOPERTIS IV region is awarded a grant from JICA through the Community Empowerment Program (CEP).
  8. Management of Higher Education activities, in most courses, have achieved a good level of internal efficiency. Indicators achieved 14 Study Programs have been accredited with the rating of “A” from BAN-PT While the existence of Internal Quality Assurance Unit (SPMI) Unpas has been awarded the successful implementation of Internal Guarantee System of Higher Education Directorate General of Higher Education , in 2008.

To establish networking and implementation of On Campus Unpas has a Video Conference / Teleconference infrastructure that has been tested following Teleconference programs from Higher education institution and other agencies in the framework of Online Distance Learning.

Meanwhile, the level of recognition and trust of the community continues to increase both National and International levels. This is evidenced including 50 promising Universities in, and 80 Universities based on organizational health and national competitiveness. While the trust from the international community, Unpas is trusted to implement The Community Enpowerment Program from JICA, and in ythe ear 2007 was given the trust to hold Chinese language education in cooperation with Hebei Normal University PR China, and put 8 lecturers (China and South Korea).

Furthermore, Jint degree Program between Guangxi Normal University P.R. China with Unpas has been started since 2010, while International Class has been opened since academic year 2012/2013 through excellent scholarship.

About the Faculty of Law and Justice Education

The Faculty of Law is accredited with A rank by National Board of Accreditation, Faculty of Law Universitas Pasundan has produced skillful lawyers practiced nationally that are independent, professional, knowledgable, religious and culturally rooted.

Faculty of law was established in 1960 and has ever since been carried out the duties to prepare the practitioners of law who are ready to compete in developing the science of law and in creating professionalism. Faculty of Law Universitas Pasundan bears a moral obligation to actively participated in the development of the nation and country through the active, creative and ethical legal education.

Clinical Legal Education, Pasundan University Law School is a part of Clinical Legal Education practiced worldwide. While in Indonesia, it is a pioneer along with Indonesian Islamic University Law School, Yogyakarta.

Since 2007, Pasundan University Law School has started a CLE program focusing on Street Law activity that is a popular legal education for the community using participatory learning method. The term Street Law was firstly introduced in Law Faculty, Georgetown University, Washington DC, United States. The term means the popular law surrounding and faced by people daily. The program is done by law students under the supervision of practitioner teachers experienced in community advocacy. The Street Law program is a part of public service aiming to develop a culture of respecting the rights of people by promoting protection, non-discriminative treatment, and the application of the democratic legal system.

Since 2013, CLE Pasundan University has been collaborating with another 12 universities (both private and public) throughout Indonesia to conduct training on trainers for both students and lecturers. These universities are members of an Indonesian Clinical Legal Education Association (CLEA). 

Register Here

GAJE’s 10th worldwide conference will take place in Bandung, Indonesia from the 4th through the 10th of December 2019 hosted by the Pasundan University.  The conference will consist of two parts: a General Conference with plenaries and concurrent sessions on various themes and topics (4-8 December) and a Training-of-Trainers (TOT) workshop on practical aspects for implementing justice education, including clinical teaching methods (9-10 December).

Registration is open. Please note, registration is only confirmed when you have made payment and/or have applied the approved waiver code at the time of registration. 

Conference Participation Application

Applications for Conference Session Participation is now open. Please click on the below button to access details about the session streams and application form. 

Proposals for General Conference sessions should indicate on the submission form which stream or streams the proposal relates to. Session proposals are reviewed by GAJE’s Program Committee, which will apply the criteria listed below:  

  1. The proposal must adhere to the general theme of the conference and demonstrate the inspiration and diversification of Justice Education.
  2. The proposal must fit within one or more of the streams listed above, and you should be clear which stream it fits within. If possible, indicate the primary stream for your proposal.
  3. Where there is more than one presenter, GAJE requires that a “Lead Presenter” submit the Proposal Submission Form. That person, unless changed, becomes the point of contact for the presentation throughout the stage of proposal review, decision, scheduling, and questions and logistical information for the conference.  Accepted proposals are assigned to Stream Coordinators who work with Lead Presenters on time allocation and possible merger or joinder or proposals on similar themes within conference time slots. 
  4. NOTE: In order to avoid scheduling conflicts, individuals may not be listed as presenters on more than two proposals (either lead or otherwise).

The proposal submission form asks for the title of the presentation, contact information for all presenters, a summary of 500 words or less, and a short statement of relevance to one more conference streams.  The form also asks a number of questions that reflect the criteria for selection: the presentation’s objectives, how interactive methods will be used, presenters’ past GAJE conference participation, time requested, and presenters’ CV or resume.  Geographic diversity among presenters is also an important criterion in proposal review.  In the past, presenters have successfully solicited international partners to collaborate in their presentations before submission by using the GAJE listserv.

Fee Reductions/Waivers, Travel & Accommodation Grants




Applications for a conference fee waiver is open, however, applications for travel/accommodation grant has closed (deadline was 1 Jun 2019).  The deadline for requesting only fee reductions or fee waivers is 1 August 2019.