Fee reductions, fee waivers, and travel & accommodation grants

GAJE conferences promote the exchange of information and experience among people involved in Justice Education around the world.  Having a broadly diverse set of delegates at the conferences is a key goal of every GAJE conference.  Accordingly, the budget for this conference includes a limited amount of funds for fee reductions, full fee waivers and for grants to help cover travel and accommodation expenses during the conference.   These are and are intended to enable participation of justice educators who are unable to find funding to attend and every effort will be made to use these funds to realize and advance GAJE’s mission. 

If you wish to request a fee reduction/waiver and/or a request for a grant, please read the below criteria and procedures before completing the application form.

Note – the deadline for requesting a grant 1 Jun 2019 has passed and is now closed. The deadline for requesting a fee waiver or partial reduction in fees is open until 1 Aug 2019.

Criteria & Procedure

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Criteria for a fee reduction or fee waiver, and/or travel/accommodation grants

All applicants must have shown a commitment to GAJE activities or have engaged in other activities consistent with the goals of GAJE.

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These criteria apply for the granting of a fee reduction/waiver and/or grant:-

  1. All applicants must have shown a commitment to GAJE activities or have engaged in other activities consistent with the goals of GAJE.  In addition, applicants for a grant must be presenting at a conference session or be actively involved in the organisation of the conference.  However, this in itself does not guarantee the award of a grant.  (Although not required, applicants for a fee waiver/reduction who are presenting at a conference session or actively involved in the organisation of the conference will receive a preference.)
  2. The extent to which fees will be waived or reduced will depend on the applicant’s capacity to pay the fee from personal resources and funds available from sponsors. Generally, GAJE expects when delegates receive funding to attend the conference that the funding includes the full conference fees for that delegate.
  3. The awarding of grants is based on the applicant’s capacity to cover travel and accommodation expenses from personal resources and funds available from sponsors. Moreover, applicants for grants are expected to have sought other sources of funding to attend the conference and applicants who have received partial support from other sources will be preferred. In no event will a GAJE grant cover all of a delegate’s travel and accommodation expenses.
  4. Applicants for a grant must be from a developing country; except in rare cases of demonstrated need, applicants for a fee waiver/reduction must also be from a developing country.
  5. Delegates awarded a fee waiver/reduction or a grant are expected to attend the entire conference or, if they were awarded a fee waiver/reduction or grant for only a part of the conference, to attend the entire part for which they receive the fee waiver/reduction or grant.
  6. Delegates awarded accommodation grants are expected to stay in shared rooms or dormitory style accommodations, if available.

In the interest of furthering GAJE’s mission to exchange information and experiences from people from around the world, the following will also be considered:

  1. The geographical spread of applicants. The Committee will aim to include as many applicants from different countries as possible.  This may result in some applicants not receiving a fee waiver/reduction or grant if there are multiple applications from one location;
  2. The gender of the applicant, as GAJE endeavours to ensure regional representation of all genders at the conference;
  3. Representatives of new and emerging clinical programs, as GAJE values the opportunity to assist those locations and countries where new clinical legal education programs are emerging.

Please Note

Procedure for fee reductions, fee waivers, and travel/accommodation grants

Applications must be made on or before 1 June 2019. Applications for only a fee reduction or fee waiver can be made until 1 August 2019

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A Waiver and Grants Committee consisting of at least two members of the GAJE Steering Committee will apply the criteria the below criteria and will have the final say on all fee reduction/waiver and grant requests; however, the committee may seek the guidance of the Chair/s of the Steering Committee concerning the application of the announced criteria if required.

  • All applications for a fee waiver/reduction and/or a grant must be made online at the GAJE Conference website within the deadline set by the Conference organising committee. 
  • All applicants who meet the criteria for a grant will be given a fee reduction or waiver before being considered for grant money.  Grant money will not be allocated without a fee reduction/waiver. 
  • As a general rule, conference registration fees will not be waived entirely except for applicants also receiving a grant.   The Waiver and Grants Committee does have the option, however, to waive the entire fee in extraordinary cases.
  • All fee waivers/reductions and accommodation grants will be paid directly by GAJE.  Travel grants will be paid by reimbursement only, upon the production of receipts.

Register Here

GAJE’s 10th worldwide conference will take place in Bandung, Indonesia from the 4th through the 10th of December 2019 hosted by the Pasundan University.  The conference will consist of two parts: a General Conference with plenaries and concurrent sessions on various themes and topics (4-8 December) and a Training-of-Trainers (TOT) workshop on practical aspects for implementing justice education, including clinical teaching methods (9-10 December).

Registration is open. Please note, registration is only confirmed when you have made payment and/or have applied the approved waiver code at the time of registration. 

Conference Participation Application

Applications for Conference Session Participation is now open. Please click on the below button to access details about the session streams and application form. 

Proposals for General Conference sessions should indicate on the submission form which stream or streams the proposal relates to. Session proposals are reviewed by GAJE’s Program Committee, which will apply the criteria listed below:  

  1. The proposal must adhere to the general theme of the conference and demonstrate the inspiration and diversification of Justice Education.
  2. The proposal must fit within one or more of the streams listed above, and you should be clear which stream it fits within. If possible, indicate the primary stream for your proposal.
  3. Where there is more than one presenter, GAJE requires that a “Lead Presenter” submit the Proposal Submission Form. That person, unless changed, becomes the point of contact for the presentation throughout the stage of proposal review, decision, scheduling, and questions and logistical information for the conference.  Accepted proposals are assigned to Stream Coordinators who work with Lead Presenters on time allocation and possible merger or joinder or proposals on similar themes within conference time slots. 
  4. NOTE: In order to avoid scheduling conflicts, individuals may not be listed as presenters on more than two proposals (either lead or otherwise).

The proposal submission form asks for the title of the presentation, contact information for all presenters, a summary of 500 words or less, and a short statement of relevance to one more conference streams.  The form also asks a number of questions that reflect the criteria for selection: the presentation’s objectives, how interactive methods will be used, presenters’ past GAJE conference participation, time requested, and presenters’ CV or resume.  Geographic diversity among presenters is also an important criterion in proposal review.  In the past, presenters have successfully solicited international partners to collaborate in their presentations before submission by using the GAJE listserv.

Fee Reductions/Waivers, Travel & Accommodation Grants




Applications for a conference fee waiver is open, however, applications for travel/accommodation grant has closed (deadline was 1 Jun 2019).  The deadline for requesting only fee reductions or fee waivers is 1 August 2019.