The Justice Education Inspiration Hub:

(Justice Education Posters/Banners)

Primary purpose

The primary purpose of The Justice Education Inspiration Hub: (Justice Education Posters/Banners) session is to provide GAJE delegates the opportunity to showcase the diversified justice education initiatives and work they are engaged in through the use of posters/banners. This stream, in-line with the main aim of the Conference, assists in raising awareness of justice both justice education initiatives and the thematic areas they address. The stream further creates opportunities for partnership building and future justice education, related collaborations. It will provide a match – making opportunity by showcasing what services they can offer, what services they need and what they are looking for in potential partners.  Displaying your poster/banner would help GAJE delegates learn more about your work and possibly discuss ways to collaborate on justice education initiatives.


Poster/banner displaying time schedule

Posters/banners will be displayed throughout the General Conference and potentially the TOT, although there may be a limit on how many days your poster/banner can be displayed. This will depend, in-part, on the number of display requests.  In addition, there may be an option for some applicants to set up tables during the General Conference and/or TOT. This option will be announced at a later date.


Suggested content

Feel free to be creative, but please make sure your poster/banner covers the following information:

  • A brief description of your organization;
  • What justice education-related services you can offer/ are engaged in;
  • What type of collaboration/ justice education work are you looking for; and
  • Your contact information (i.e. websites and phone numbers, etc.)


Posters should be 100 cm (height) x 60 cm (width)

Poster stands

Please bring Easels/ Tripod holders to display your poster. Please see sample pictures on this page.

Register Here

GAJE’s 10th worldwide conference will take place in Bandung, Indonesia from the 4th through the 10th of December 2019 hosted by the Pasundan University.  The conference will consist of two parts: a General Conference with plenaries and concurrent sessions on various themes and topics (4-8 December) and a Training-of-Trainers (TOT) workshop on practical aspects for implementing justice education, including clinical teaching methods (9-10 December).

Registration is open. Please note, registration is only confirmed when you have made payment and/or have applied the approved waiver code at the time of registration. 

Conference Participation Application

Applications for Conference Session Participation is now open. Please click on the below button to access details about the session streams and application form. 

Proposals for General Conference sessions should indicate on the submission form which stream or streams the proposal relates to. Session proposals are reviewed by GAJE’s Program Committee, which will apply the criteria listed below:  

  1. The proposal must adhere to the general theme of the conference and demonstrate the inspiration and diversification of Justice Education.
  2. The proposal must fit within one or more of the streams listed above, and you should be clear which stream it fits within. If possible, indicate the primary stream for your proposal.
  3. Where there is more than one presenter, GAJE requires that a “Lead Presenter” submit the Proposal Submission Form. That person, unless changed, becomes the point of contact for the presentation throughout the stage of proposal review, decision, scheduling, and questions and logistical information for the conference.  Accepted proposals are assigned to Stream Coordinators who work with Lead Presenters on time allocation and possible merger or joinder or proposals on similar themes within conference time slots. 
  4. NOTE: In order to avoid scheduling conflicts, individuals may not be listed as presenters on more than two proposals (either lead or otherwise).

The proposal submission form asks for the title of the presentation, contact information for all presenters, a summary of 500 words or less, and a short statement of relevance to one more conference streams.  The form also asks a number of questions that reflect the criteria for selection: the presentation’s objectives, how interactive methods will be used, presenters’ past GAJE conference participation, time requested, and presenters’ CV or resume.  Geographic diversity among presenters is also an important criterion in proposal review.  In the past, presenters have successfully solicited international partners to collaborate in their presentations before submission by using the GAJE listserv.

Fee Reductions/Waivers, Travel & Accommodation Grants




Applications for a conference fee waiver is open, however, applications for travel/accommodation grant has closed (deadline was 1 Jun 2019).  The deadline for requesting only fee reductions or fee waivers is 1 August 2019.