Since its founding in 1996, GAJE has worked to promote justice through education by convening five worldwide meetings on justice education: in India (1999), South Africa (2001), Poland (2004), Argentina (2006), and the Philippines (2008). These meetings were carefully designed to be accessible and affordable for persons from developing countries; delegates from every continent and over 50 countries have participated in one or more of these meetings. GAJE’s Sixth worldwide meeting will take place Valencia, Spain12-15 July (2011).

GAJE has also organized Regional Conferences in Australasia (2002) and North America (2006) and co-sponsored the International Conference on the Future of Legal Education held in February 2008 at Georgia State University in the USA.  GAJE operates a free email discussion forum for its members and has published a newsletter in both English and Spanish distributed by email and posted on the GAJE web site.

These formal GAJE activities have facilitated a wide range of cross-national collaborations, including educational exchange programs, joint research projects, “train the trainer” workshops, teaching handbooks, curricular materials, and multinational co-authorship of books and articles.


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