The following is a preliminary set of materials on the history of GAJE compiled by Clark Cunningham for citation in Clinical Education Changing the World and the World Changing Clinical Education:The Global Alliance for Justice Education, presented July 14, 2005 at Flowers in the Desert: Clinical Legal Education, Ethical Awareness and Community Service in Melbourne, Australia (sponsored by The Australian Clinical Education Association & The International Journal of Clinical Legal Education.

YearArchives Information
1995Refresher Course for Law Teachers on Clinical Legal Education, National Law School of India (Nov. 13 - Dec 2, 1995). Agenda and Table of Contents
1996Frank Bloch, Martin Bohmer, and Iqbal Ishar, "The Justice Mission of Law School Clinics: a Cross National Perspective," AALS Conference on Clinical Legal Education 99 (1996)
1996Minutes of the Working Party Meeting to Establish an International Council for the Advancement of Socially Relevant Legal Education (Sep 4, 1996)
2002Martin Bohmer, Access to Justice and Judicial Reform in Argentina (2002)