GAJE is governed by a Steering Committee (SC) consisting of two representatives from each of 8 regions of the world (one woman and one man) elected by the general membership at the biannual GAJE worldwide meetings and at-large members appointed by the 16 elected representatives. The Steering Committee meets several times a year by email to direct work conducted by GAJE committees, working groups, and the General Secretary. These meetings typically last for 30 – 40 days and SC members are expected to read and promptly reply to SC email during the meeting period.

All GAJE work is currently conducted by volunteers. Currently active committees that report to the Steering Committee are: the Executive Committee, the Conference Planning Committee (and the related Local Organizing Committee); the Strategic Development Working Group, the Communication Committee, and the Legal Structure Working Group. Most Steering Committee members serve as active members of at least one of these committee or working groups, typically as chairperson or liaison between the group and the Steering Committee.

Over the 10+ years of its existence, GAJE has developed a distinctive form of governance guided by its mission statement “to involve persons from as many countries in the world as possible, avoiding domination by any single country, and especially committed to meaningful participation from less affluent countries, institutions, and organizations.”

The current Steering Committee is a diverse group from 13 different countries, and includes among its members law professors, public interest lawyers, and staff at various non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Younger GAJE members are very much encouraged to be candidates for the Steering Committee.

In its early years the Steering Committee declined to elect any officers; the chair of each meeting rotated alphabetically through the list of Steering Committee members. Steps to appoint a permanent Convenor to chair Steering Committee meetings, an Executive Committee, and most recently (but only for a brief period) a General Secretary, have all been taken with care and caution. Currently there is a Convenor (Filip Czernicki), Secretary (Celeste Romero) and Treasurer (Frank Bloch).  To date only limited authority has been delegated to these officers.  To learn more about the Executive Committee, click on the link below.

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