Brief abstracts of conference sessions will be listed here once the final program has been confirmed.


Short abstracts of the presentations were submitted by many of the presenters in advance of the conference. The titles of those that were submitted are underlined; to view those abstracts, click on the title.

Title Lead Presenter Co-Presenters
Access To Justice For The Poor, Vulnerable And Marginalized Persons: Lessons From The Justice, Education Programs In Sub-Saharan Africa Touray, Thomas Fuad
  1. Yusuf
  2. Mahmud
Clinical legal education as a mechanism for transformative changes Kislova, Alina  
Clinical Legal Education: The Convergence Of Technology And Social Justice Adelakun, Olanike Sekinat
  1. Odumosu
  2. Taiwo
Designing or Re-Designing a Clinic for Justice Education Galowitz, Paula
  1. Stege
  2. Ulrich
Empowering Sexual Exploited and A-Risk Women Through Entrepreneurship and Legal Education Widi Mulyani, Leni
  1. Milam
  2. Jane
  3. Rachmawati
  4. Irma
Fostering lawyer effectiveness and empowerment! Street Law - the trainee lawyer perspective Lunney, John
  1. Grealy
  2. Freda
Pro Bono Legal Service in Three Neighboring Islamic Republics: (Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan); Analyzing the Current Situation and Solutions for its Improvement Noori, Masoud
  1. Dowlatshahi
  2. Sepideh
  3. Metlo
  4. Faiz Ali Sheeraz
  5. Savadkouhifar
  6. Zoha
Role of Health Science Professionals in Functional Health Legal Education Verma, Priyanka  
The Future is in the Minds: Using Education and Global Partnerships to Achieve SDG 16 Petkov, Alex
  1. Deehring
  2. Melissa
  3. McFaul
  4. Hugh
  5. Whalen-Bridge
  6. Helena
  7. Williams-Elegbe
  8. Sope
The necessity of Developing the Environmental Law Clinic in the Middle East; Iran as a Case Study Noori, Masoud
  1. Abbasian
  2. Naeemeh
  3. Dowlatshahi
  4. Sepideh
  5. Fathi
  6. Zhila
Unearthing the Yet to be Explored Path in Africa: Lessons from Library Based Legal Clinics in the United States Bamgbose, Oludayo John
  1. Whalen-Bridge
  2. Helena
Use of Social Media in Teaching and Learning Law (Learning from experience of three continents and Thirteen Universities) Upadhyay, Niteesh Kumar
  1. Tanim
  2. Laila
Women Lawyers and Their Role in Three Islamic Countries: Iran, Kuwait, and Pakistan Savadkouhifar, Zoha
  1. Metlo
  2. Faiz Ali Sheeraz
Young People and the Law: it's more than crime and child welfare Choudhari, Toobah
  1. Ambrogetti
  2. Bronwyn