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Title: Clinical legal education as a mechanism for transformative changes

Lead Presenter: Kislova, Alina



Session Abstract: The aim of the session is to present a summary of the findings of the three empirical studies in the area of clinical legal education conducted at the following locations: Malta, Scotland (UK) and Wales (UK). The research aim of each study was to explore how the involvement in legal clinical work at one of the following universities - University of Malta, University of Strathclyde and Cardiff University - impacts students on personal and professional levels. To gather research data the following research instruments were used: interview, questionnaire and observation. The major findings of the studies suggest that involvement in clinical work generates a significant number of transformative changes in personal and professional skills, values, beliefs and means for action. The broad range of professional and personal changes revealed among the students is going to be presented at the session with the relevant discussions and interactive activities facilitated among the session's participants.

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