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Title: Vulnerabilities And SDG 16: Possibilities And Challenges For Justice Education

Lead Presenter: Bajpai, Asha



Session Abstract: SESSION: VULNERABILITIES AND SDG 16: Possibilities and Challenges for Justice Education This will be an interactive session linking SDG 16 and vulnerabilities . The session provides a platform for dialogue and collaboration on a number of questions, including: - what are the different ways in which educational institutions law schools , civil society organisations, and justice educators can promote peaceful and inclusive societies, increase access to justice for all, and help build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions? - how can SDG 16 discussion be featured in justice education? - - What kind of networking, partnerships and joint action plans are required among universities to achieve SDG 16 How can inclusion of SDG 16 in law schools promote justice to vulnerable groups and empower them? The session will share experiences from India, Australia and Pakistan and other countries on vulnerable groups and how past and ongoing justice education initiatives that promote SDG 16 and provide valuable insights for future work. For promotion of access to justice for vulnerable individuals and communities, legal empowerment, strengthening institutions for rural governance, research on work of NGOs,. This session will be led by Asha Bajpai and The co presenters are Abhayraj Naik, Judith harrison, Sarasu Thomas, Angbeen Mirza

Session Material:

  1. SDG16plus chart peaceful just inclusive societies 2019
  2. Note for generating discussion on SDG 16 revised asha

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