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Title: The Role of Game-based Learning in Advancement Street Law

Lead Presenter: Azhar, Zahra


  1. Jannat, Zahra
  2. Yazdan shenan, Ramin

Session Abstract: Game-based learning is one of the essential parts of e-learning and one of the new ways in knowledge management. It can be used to transfer skills and experience, in-service training, and train newcomers. The game is a fascinating way to learn and provides a safe environment for an unpardonable learner to test and error in a real-world like the real world and face a variety of challenges. Because the game plays an active role in learning effectiveness, it has become a powerful tool for providing organizational training. Learning is a serious, unconscious, and very productive process. The learner does not think how to learn and master new skills, but simply, responds to the situation that he has come up with. He does not consider what something learned. When it is experiencing the same position in the real world, the sleeping skills come to its aid. The essential characteristic of the learning revolution, at the beginning of the 21st century, is the transformation of teaching and learning into a pleasant process for the learner, the teacher, the guides, parents, supervisors, and managers. During the hundreds of years, we saw a deep divide between learning and recreation, among work and life. But this dividing about to collapse. The game-based learning is engaging and interactive, engaging individuals, and making significant changes to attitudes and behaviors. Due to the inherent nature of nonlinearity and flexibility, the learning process can be controlled by each person at any time and place of conversion. In today's rapidly changing world, we need to learn and re-learn much general and professional information, concepts, and relationships. It will not be an effective solution if we say the people themselves, should learn the necessary things in ways such as asking, discovering, and interacting. We need to pay enough attention to other methods of learning, namely learning through fun. In this panel, we will focus on software and computer games, as well as the essential features and qualities in these games to being an efficient tool in promoting people's awareness of their human rights. Panelists will disuse how the street law program can use Game-based Learning to promote public awareness, especially vulnerable groups, at-risk people, victims, and their supporters.

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