One of the goals of GAJE is to provide members and other visitors to the GAJE website with news and information about GAJE activities and those of other organizations involved with Justice Education.  Beginning in 2005, the Communication Committee produced an e-Newsletter intended to advertise upcoming events, conferences, activities, projects, job opportunities, publications etc.  The Newsletter was circulated to all GAJE members and posted on this website for five years.  The Newsletter was suspended at the end of 2009 and replaced by this section of the website.  Past editions of the Newsletter are available at the GAJE e-Newsletter Archives page. You will find on this page revolving “Top Stories” and “GAJE Announcements”;  for other news and announcements, go to:

GAJE-Related Publications

Experimental Legal Education in a Globalized World: The Middle East & Beyond Edited By Dr. Mutaz M. Qafisheh & Prof. Stephen A. Rosenbaum.

0357344_experimental-legal-education-in-a-globalized-world_300This peer-reviewed book focuses on practical legal education, particularly clinical education, field work, street law, pro bono service, legal advice, simulations, placements/internships, moot courts and mock trials, problem-based learning, case analysis, group work, role-play, and brainstorming. The book incorporates 28 chapters written by 34 scholars from most continents. Writers come from countries in the Global South and Global North; all are concerned with the advancement of legal education, to make it more interactive, and to contribute to bridging the gap between the powerful and powerless communities. Read More

The Global Clinical Movement Educating Lawyers For Social Justice By Frank S. Bloch.

Oxford University Press has just published THE GLOBAL CLINICAL MOVEMENT: EDUCATING LAWYERS FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE (Frank S. Bloch ed. 2011), an edited volume with contributions by GAJE members from around the world.THE GLOBAL CLINICAL MOVEMENT describes the central concepts, goals, and methods of clinical legal education from a global perspective, with a particular emphasis on its social justice mission.  With chapters written by leading clinical legal educators from every region of the world, the book demonstrates how the emerging global clinical movement can advance social justice through legal education.  The book also examines the influence of clinical legal education on the legal academy and the legal profession and charts the global clinical movement’s future role in educating lawyers for social justice. Read More