GAJE logoGAJE is a GLOBAL ALLIANCE of persons committed to achieving JUSTICE through EDUCATION.

GAJE has sponsored eight worldwide conferences since it was formed in 1999, with delegates at each conference representing every region of the world.  GAJE conferences, as well as other GAJE activities described on this website, are aimed at promoting the exchange of information and experience among persons involved in Justice Education around the world.  Clinical education of law students is a key component of justice education, but GAJE also works to advance other forms of socially relevant legal education involving practicing lawyers, judges, non-governmental organizations, and the lay public.

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Justice Education around the world

Street Law

Street law is a legal awareness programme designed to enable law students and others make school children, prisoners, and members of communities aware of their legal rights and where to obtain assistance. Street law explains to people “on the street” how the law affects them in their daily lives and helps people to understand how the law works and how it can protect them.  Street law students, like legal aid clinic students, obtain valuable insights into social justice issues in the...
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Legal Literacy

Legal Literacy has a unique role in justice education. As a first most important step in bringing masses of people closer to law and its processes, legal literacy has a critical role in ensuring just and rule of law-oriented societies. As part of a clinical program, legal literacy clinics are one of the most important entry points of community engagement for law students and teachers.  They build community trust and confidence in what law schools aspire for justice education and help students...
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Community Lawyering

Community lawyering, when practised through clinical legal education clinics, provides opportunities for law students to engage directly with poor and disadvantaged communities about pressing legal matters.  Students learn about the barriers in law, and lack of access to justice for these communities.  This form of lawyering is inter-disciplinary with creative and responsive service delivery models.  Students work to empower not just the individual client, but the community or group’s...
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Law Reform

Central to the idea of justice education is the desire to pursue justice at a systemic level, as well as for individuals. Where the law itself contributes to injustice, then law reform is of vital importance. GAJE's broad membership—including activists, non-government organisations (NGOs) and legislators—encompasses many people who work hard to improve how the law protects fundamental rights. Justice education recognises that practicing and academic lawyers have an important role in reforming...
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Human Rights

GAJE seeks to achieve justice through legal education. At the core of attainment of justice is an effective realisation of fundamental human rights and freedoms. It is therefore imperative that rights holders are not only aware of these rights and freedoms but are also able to employ existing domestic and international mechanisms to vindicate their human rights. GAJE members seek to contribute to the realisation of these rights through clinics on human rights litigation, research, and advocacy...
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Women’s Rights

Despite many strides towards equality, women across the world suffer discrimination either directly or indirectly in all spheres of their lives. They suffer domestic violence including sexual abuse within homes and families. In many countries they do not have equal rights to property - hereditary or matrimonial. They also lose in the public sphere with the labour standards supporting the life styles of men in most parts of the world. Women often have lower literacy rates, higher malnutrition,...
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GAJE logoGAJE membership consists of law teachers, law students, and others interested in advancing and promoting Justice Education around the world. Membership is open and free.

News and Announcements

9th Worldwide GAJE Conference will be held on 5-12 December 2017 in Mexico

GAJE will hold its 9th Worldwide Conference from the 5th through the 12th of December 2017 on the campuses of Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey in Puebla and Universidad Autónoma of Tlaxcala in Tlaxcala. The conference will consist of two parts: a General Conference with plenaries and concurrent sessions on various themes and topics (5-9 December in Puebla) and a Training-of-Trainers (TOT) workshop on practical aspects for implementing justice education, including...
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