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Since its founding in 1996, GAJE has worked to promote justice through education by convening Worldwide Conferences on justice education.  Ten Worldwide Conferences have been held to date:: in India (1999), South Africa (2001), Poland (2004), Argentina (2006), Philippines (2008), Spain (2011), India (2013), Turkey (2015), Mexico (2017) and Indonesia (2019). These meetings were carefully designed to be accessible and affordable for persons from developing countries; delegates from every continent and over 50 countries have participated in one or more of these meetings. GAJE has organized several Regional Conferences as well.  Information about these conferences is available on the Conferences page.  

GAJE also operates a number of members-only services, including an email Listserv and various online discussion forums.    

These formal GAJE activities have facilitated a wide range of cross-national collaborations, including educational exchange programs, joint research projects, “train the trainer” workshops, teaching handbooks, curricular materials, and multinational co-authorship of books and articles.

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