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Conference Presenter Profile

Savadkouhifar, Zoha

Name: Savadkouhifar, Zoha

Professional Title: Advocate High Court

Affiliation: Qaisar and Metlo Law Chambers

Country: Iran

Title of Presentation(s):

  • Women Lawyers and Their Role in Three Islamic Countries: Iran
  • Kuwait
  • and Pakistan

Short Bio: Zoha Savadkouhifar is currently an advocate at Hight Court of Sindh in Pakistan, legal advisor in Iran, and PhD candidate in law. She has a multicultural background of studying in different countries (France, Iran, USA, and Pakistan), and a diverse set of work experience, ranging from human rights, to public policy, advocacy and lawyering. Over the recent ten years, she has worked with universities, Judiciary and four NGOs in Iran and then, in Pakistan, with always having in mind and action the necessity of bringing access to justice for all and trying to make a positive change in the societies she has been working. She is passionate about women rights and studies and juvenile/children justice as she believes a society where women have equal chances as of men and children are provided with all means to develop and become the best of themselves, we can expect a positive change and a better living for all human being.

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