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Conference Presenter Profile

Schechter, Susan

Name: Schechter, Susan

Professional Title: Field Placement Director, Lecturer-in-Residence, Faculty Co-Director Pro Bono Program

Affiliation: UC Berkeley School of Law

Country: United States

Title of Presentation(s):

  • Does law student pro bono increase access to justice
  • or should it? Hard questions & responsive models
  • Strengthening Students and the Legal Profession By Showing Weakness: The Use of Positive Psychology and Personal Sharing to Help Students Develop a Healthy and Sustainable Professional Identity

Short Bio: Sue Schechter has served as the Field Placement Director at UC Berkeley Law School since summer of 2006. In addition, she is a Lecturer-in-Residence and the Faculty Co-Director of the Berkeley Law’s Pro Bono Program. As the first full-time field placement director, Sue has grown the Field Placement Program to include civil, criminal, and environmental along with the judicial and away field placement components, including a UCDC Law Program started in Spring 2009. In addition to separating out the specialized field placements, Sue has developed field placement seminars taught by practitioners in which she teaches, co-teaches or supports practitioners who teach in the specialized (Civil, Criminal, and Judicial) seminars. These externships and seminars are part of the school’s Professional Skills and Professional Responsibility graduation requirements in which over 140-180 students participate each academic year. Sue is a co-founder and active member of the Bay Area Consortium on Externships (BACE), a collaborative group of law school professionals who direct field placement programs at Northern California law schools. Sue has presented at regional, national and international conferences on externship and pro bono topics. She serves on the law school’s Public Interest Placement Committee, as well as the AALS Clinical Section Executive Committee and several AALS Externship Subcommittees, and the Holloran Best Practices in Pro Bono Working Group.

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