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Conference Presenter Profile

Shahrom, Zuraida Rastam

Name: Shahrom, Zuraida Rastam

Professional Title: Associate Professor

Affiliation: University Malaya

Country: Malaysia

Title of Presentation(s):

  • The Role of Clinical Legal Education to Enhance Professional Responsibility in Bangladesh: An Appraisal

Short Bio: Associate Professor Zuraida Rastam Shahrom began her legal career as a Magistrate where she presided over civil and criminal matters and also the Court for Children. After serving as a Magistrate for 7 years she was promoted to the position of Senior Federal Counsel with the Attorney General's Chambers of Malaysia. In the Attorney General's Chambers she headed the Human Rights and International Organisations Unit which provided advisory services to the Government of Malaysia on various legal issues in general and specifically on issues relating to human rights and international organisations. She was the Attorney General's Chambers representative to the United Nations Legal Committee meetings in New York, to the United Nations Commission of Human Rights and the Human Rights Council meetings where she presented Malaysia's initiatives to promote and protect human rights in Malaysia. She has also participation in Malaysia's reporting before the United Nations Compliance Committee on the Rights of the Child in 2008 to present the legal initiatives taken by Malaysia to ensure Malaysia's compliance with the Convention on the Rights of the Child. The Committee concluded that Malaysia has satisfactorily complied with the Convention and encourages Malaysia to uplift the reservations that it has made to certain provisions of the Convention. During her period of private practice she handled civil litigation cases and as Head of Advisory in the the Securities Commission, together with her team of officers initiated various enforcement actions in the form of administrative actions against capital market intermediaries that breached provisions of the securities law. Details of the administrative actions taken and sanctions imposed on the breaching parties are available on the Securities Commission's website and Annual Reports for years 2013 - 2016. She is currently teaching in the Faculty of Law in University of Malaya.

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