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Title: GBV vis-a-vis Harmful Practices in Nepal

Lead Presenter: Pudasaini, Navaraj


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Session Abstract: Gender based violence (GBV) negatively impacts on women’s inalienable rights and is contrary to human rights. Harmful practices are a violation of human rights that put women’s and adolescents’ sexual and reproductive health and rights at great risk. Harmful traditional practices are forms of violence which have been committed primarily against women and girls in certain communities and societies for so long that they are considered, or presented by perpetrators, as part of accepted cultural practice. This practice has been in place for hundreds of years in Nepal too. This presentation provides an overview of the extent and nature of gender-based violence resulting from harmful practices. The presentation highlights Nepal's commitment to adhere to International Laws to which it is a party, domestic law is also presented. The presentation highlighted a number of respondents' experienced physical, sexual, psychological violence including other violence following the harmful practices. Causes and effects of harmful practices on women and girls and activities that are required to be carried out in the international level, at the national level as well as the local level have also been highlighted. Ending chhaupadi means promoting better access to health and multi-sectorial services which can empower girls and women to be comfortable with their own needs, and to seek help when these are not met. Changing a harmful social norm like Chhaupadi might seem daunting. But the experience in the Far Western and elsewhere shows that it can be done, if everyone plays their part - the government at all levels, civil society organisations, community and religious leaders, families and the girls themselves. The transformation of societal norms and cultural factors for elimination of harmful practices are also discussed on the presentation.

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