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Title: Benefits And Experiences Joined Clinical Legal Education For Law Students

Lead Presenter: Denis, Yudistya


  1. Medisa, Fela
  2. Utama, Alif Putra

Session Abstract: Clinical Legal education as a one of activities in faculty of law to help students develop their soft skills and help poor and marginalize people to get an access to justice through to legal education . Joined as a volunteer CLE we have to do some procedure such an administration and interview from internal committe team cle, and after we chosen by committe team as a volunteer we have to attend training of trainer (TOT) from lecturer surpevisor, as a volunteer fifth semester student, joined as a volunteer we really get a big achievment and big benefits, i can feel the benefits in non material it is invaluable one of them by going through street law project and meet the community. An important for street law as a volunteer we have practice and give education to others during we get education from formal school through street law project, develop to our empythic and sympathy to poor and marganinalized people, because there are our target in street law, also important is how we can give benefits to others , because we think good people are should benefits for others,. Other than that what we already get from joined volunteer is to prepared all of the things are ready, such as a teaching metode, tools, and also trial run to make sure we are ready to give legal education to the target street law, for us all of the things we do in cle has a value and learning obtained by direclty or indireclty, we didn’t get benefits as a material/money but we build our empythic and sympathy ,concern to others and saw directly how to condition of community is more valunable than money. We are as a fasilitator have to adjust with our target to make the learning smoothly, other side not less important while we joined cle is how we develop our networking with an indonesian people or foreigners people, like what we feel is while we get friends or student from singapore,thailand,cambodia etc ,less not important , while we can build our nertworking, we directly can gives and share our knowledge and our experience to each others especially about law or legal education to each others, finnaly someday we hope develop this project together like we develop probono organization for help poor people and marginalized people around the world.

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