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Title: Developing virtual and long-distance clinics which challenge clinical metro-normativity

Lead Presenter: Harrison, Judy


  1. Mangiafico, Liliana

Session Abstract: This session will engage participants in relation to the causes and effects of clinical metro-normativity. This term describes how the urban is dominating clinical legal education. The session will explore why this matters and the opportunities and challenges participants see in their own contexts around the world. The session will include two short case studies as a prompt to consider potential sustainable alternatives. The case studies will descriptively and conceptually contrast experiences in developing clinical initiatives for communities in rural and remote areas. The first aims to benefit Aboriginal people in the Kimberley region of Australia. The partner is the Australian National University 4,000 km away and the approach includes a full-time clinical back-office at the ANU campus in the national capital in Canberra. The second is the Northeastern University collaboration with Vermont Legal Aid to develop a potential Virtual Clinic. This would see clinical law students in Boston provide legal help by distance to clients with debt problems in rural Vermont. Through small group discussion and scenarios, participants will share insights about these issues and possible ways forward. The session also aims to establish an ongoing international collaboration regarding virtual and long-distance clinical models to overcome clinical metro-normativity. Contacts: Judy Harrison and Liliana Mangiafico: [email protected] and [email protected]

Session Material:

  1. Agenda GAJE Bandung challenging clinical metro normativity

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