Short abstracts of the presentations were submitted by many of the speakers in advance of the conference. The titles of those that were submitted are underlined; to view those abstracts, click on the title.

Title Lead Presenter Co-Presenters
A Balanced Diet: Clinic For Sustainable Communities? Christopher David Simmonds TBA
A Legal Clinic Experience In The Area Of Labour Law Çağla Erdoğan TBA
A Review Of The Fundamental Aspects And Dimensions Of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) As Important Components In The Promotion Of Social Justice In Nigeria Benjean Uruchi Odoh TBA
Access To Justice And Lawyers' Fee Arrangements - A Market Based Approach To Legal Aid Reform Zvonimir Jelinic TBA
Breaking Barriers: Collaboration, Cross-Specialization, And Interdisciplinary Practice As Social Justice Pedagogy Elizabeth MacDowell TBA
Challenges Of Pro Bono Lawyering In An Economically-Challenged Society: Lessons For Clinical Legal Education In Nigeria Roseline Omoye Ehiemua TBA
Changing From Simulation To Practice: Experience Of SWUST Legal Clinic Cheng Hao TBA
Collaboration Of The Legal Clinic And The Legal Service At The University Katsiaryna Harbuzava TBA
Compasses And Clocks: Clinical Identity And The Litigant In Person Rachel Stalker TBA
Conducting A Community Needs Assessment For Domestic Violence Victims In Nepal: Implications For Clinics, Clients And The Community Ahmed Abdelsabour Abdelkariem TBA
Developing And Maintaining Long-Distance Relationships With Supervisors To Ensure Adequate And Appropriate Supervision For Law Students/Volunteers Sue Schechter TBA
Developing Through Dialogue Seán Arthurs TBA
Did He Ever Hit You? Exploring The Attitudes Of Lawyers In The Assessment Of The Seriousness Of Threats And Violent Histories In Domestic Violence Cases. Colin James TBA
Engaging Nigeria’s Law Clinics With The Task Of Environmental Justice Roseline Omoye Ehiemua TBA
Evaporating Borders: Justice Education And The Refugee Community Mary Pat Treuthart TBA
Filling The Social Justice Gap: Using Large-Scale Simulations To Bring Theory And Practic Together When Teaching Social Justice Principles And Practice Simon Rice TBA
Haiti’s First Law School Clinic: Proposing A Venue To Help Address Rule Of Law And Integrity Concerns Kate Bloch TBA
How Did Clinical Program Survive And Develop In A Developing Country: A Perspective From China Xuemei Hu TBA
Human Rights Therapy: An Interdisciplinary Approach To Human Rights Education Sen Ilker-Gokhan TBA
Impetus To Mediation Through A New Initiative – Evolving Model Mediation Clinic In Law Schools Bharti Kumar TBA
Increasing Access To Justice And Social Justice Education Through A Medical-Legal Partnership Carol Suzuki TBA
India Chapter On New Initiatives And Innovations In Legal Education Niteesh Kumar Upadhyay TBA
Law Students Assist Defendants And Reduce Breaches Of Domestic Violence Orders Bronwyn Ambrogetti TBA
Legal Assistance To The Poor Foreigners Accused Of Crimes In The National Prisons Ali Mahdi Ali Al-Alawi Barhmh TBA
Legal Clinics And Empirical Research On “Quality Of Life” Violations In Spain Andres Gascon-Cuenca TBA
Look, No Clinic! Justice Education In The Mainstream Curriculum Simon Rice TBA
Mindfulness And Justice Education Barbara Schatz TBA
Personal Involvement Of Students Of Law Clinics In Criminal Proceedings In Poland Kamil Mamak TBA
Pigs Are Not Fattened By Being Weighed’ -So Why Assess Clinic- And Can We Defend Our Methods? Carol Boothby TBA
Street Law: An Interdisciplinary Approach. Lucy Quinn TBA
Sustainability Of Legal Literacy Clinics In India Sheena Shukkur TBA
The Challenges Of Clinical Legal Education In Law Faculties At Arab Universities Ahmed Abdelsabour Abdelkariem TBA
The Purpose And Impact Of Justice Education, And Its Incorporation In Legal Education Programme Design. Jonathan Campbell TBA
The Rights Of Female Detainees To Legal Assistance In A Criminal Justice System: The Case Study Of A Thai Provincial Prison Panarairat Srichaiyarat TBA
The Taxonomy Of Clinics: An Interactive Session Exploring The Risks And Realities Of All Forms Of CLE Rachel Ann Dunn TBA
Understanding The Establishment And Sustainability Factors In Setting Up Law Clinics Through A Systematic Review Methodology That Identifies Knowledge Gaps And Minimizes Bias: A Method With Benefits Tribe Mkwebu TBA
What Kind(S) Of Evidence Do We Have About The Impact(S) Of Clinics? Elaine Hall TBA